About Processly

We are an adaptive learning platform that uses an infinite online whiteboard, making it easy for teachers and schools to apply modern teaching methods in the classroom. We do this by creating a play-space for high school students to document, reflect, and communicate within a collaborative environment throughout their learning process, all the while providing key insights to teachers and the school.

As digital learning environments, collaboration, and multimedia use increase in educational settings, more learning is taking place outside of the classroom than ever before. As a result, there have been strong shifts towards flipped classrooms, blended and remote learning, and student-centered approaches. These technological tools for the classroom provide a challenge for teachers in their ability to keep up with, guide, and monitor their students' learning process outside the classroom. As such, students are in need of a cohesive location to document their findings and solutions that they acquire by being exposed to new teaching approaches.

The creative design process is important in helping organize our thoughts and reaching new milestones while learning. The whiteboard is one of the best tools we use in this process: it allows us freedom of impermanence as we develop our thoughts; it gives us the ability to iterate without breaking flow; it gives us a chance to reflect on the past and future trajectories of our process.

The Team

At Processly, we focus on redefining how we learn, whether we are in the classroom, at home, or at work. Founded in 2016 by a team of Carnegie Mellon University Designers (developer + designer) and educators, we came together to reignite the curiosity in every learner's mind.

With our collective experience in design, technology, and education, we are working alongside professionals and educators to design a powerful tool which will enhance the learning process.

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Rehan Butt



Front-end Developer

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Business Developer


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Full Stack Engineer

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